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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
Minnesota's school of policy and planning.


Humphrey School graduates work in communities across the world to promote the common good.


Whether you're on campus or half way around the world, there's always something going on for Humphrey School alumni. Check the events page for opportunities to connect and engage with the Humphrey community.


Keep up-to-date on what your classmates and fellow alumni are going personally and professionally in the news, in our alumni e-newsletter, News + Views, and Alumni Notes.

Get Involved

There are many ways that you can remain involved with the Humphrey School after graduation. You can mentor a student, speak in a class, help fund a scholarship, and inspire the next class of public policy professionals.

Alumni Network

The Humphrey School Alumni Board and regional and online chapter play a key role in promoting the Humphrey School and helping us achieve our mission. Find out more about playing a leadership role with this important group of volunteers.

Alumni Notes

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Upcoming Events

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