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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
Minnesota's school of policy and planning.

State and Local Policy Program

Focus Areas

Leadership + Management

Our faculty conducts research, education, and outreach activities focusing on where and how leadership and management is exercised. They have expertise in leadership and management of government and nonprofit organizations, policy implementation, entrepreneurship, and leadership and management of cross-sector collaborations. Their work addresses ongoing challenges of fostering ethical public service and nurturing leadership in the public interest.
Faculty: John Bryson, Barbara Crosby, Kathy Quick, Jodi Sandfort

Cross-sector Collaboration + Networks

We design and conduct research on how and when cross-sector partnerships are most effective in addressing public problems. The PNLC convenes leaders in the nonprofit, philanthropic, and the public sectors to address policy issues that critically affect all sectors. Research in this area includes a major study of cross-sector collaboration in the transportation field, studies of collaborative policy implementation in emergency situations, and human service networks.
Faculty: John Bryson, Barbara Crosby, Kathy Quick, Jodi Sandfort, Melissa Stone, Jerry Zhao

Governance + Accountability

We conduct research that identifies the limitations and strengths of mechanisms and models of governance and accountability in public institutions. These activities directly involve students and enrich the Humphrey School's curriculum with the latest thinking and research on governance and accountability issues. They also promote dialogue among new and established leaders of nonprofit, philanthropic, public-sector, and intermediary organizations. Current research in this area concerns how local governments negotiate the political environment for local service provisions.
Faculty: Jay Kiedrowski, Kathy Quick, Joe Soss, Melissa Stone, Jerry Zhao

Professor John Bryson

is the author of several well-known texts on leadership and management

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