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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
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State and Local Policy Program


Long-term Cohort Programs

Mn Senior Leadership Institute: The institute develops the leadership capabilities of senior state of Mn officials. A 10 Friday fall program covers topics such as leadership competencies, strategic planning, innovation, techniology, organizational culture, and performance budgeting and program evaluation. Adaptive, visionary, servant, and transformational leadership are covered. Learning occurs through presentations, case studies, assessment tools, simulations, leadership circles, and group activities.

Mn/DOT Leadership Foundation Program: The Leadership Foundation Program’s overarching goal is to boost the leadership capacity of Mn/DOT’s most promising current and future leaders to lead the department to future success. A group of 30 participants move through a series of classes over a 6-month period, learning through a variety of techniques including mini lectures, case studies, scenario building, role play, and various forms of group process that include opportunities to “apply” the knowledge learned and skills gained. Topics of this course included servant leadership, performance management, leading diverse teams, personal leadership style and organizational change.

ELI: Over two years, a cohort of 25 to 30 individuals from Minnesota Community Action Programs participated in an Emerging Leadership Institute. The intensive program enabled the formation of deep relationships among the leadership cohort and strengthened their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. An interactive, training method was used, including, video case studies, individual assessment and analysis, simulations, readings, and podcasts. Participants were also connected through an on-line community and participated together in an Action Project. The School began and ended with participant retreats.

Multi-day Trainings

Adaptive Leadership Training— Illinois Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers: The Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center (PNLC) designed and conducted a two-day adaptive leadership workshop for executives of the Illinois Children’s Advocacy Centers. Based on an organizational assessment, the PNLC developed a tailor-made workshop grounded in relevant research, innovative ideas, and hands-on solutions to support Illinois Children’s Advocacy Centers. Program elements included a variety of training tools, organizational assessments, speed networking, technology tools, and peer group analysis. Reflective activities were also incorporated into the workshop to aid in documenting the process of inquiry; to highlight critical leadership and management issues; and strategize innovative solutions relevant to organizations. In addition, a customized case study was developed to ground participants’ organizational and policy lessons in the realistic context of their work. Together, these program elements enabled participants to bring concrete learning and tools back to their own contexts.

Individual Workshop Sessions

Northwest Hennepin Human Services Council: The PNLC created an interactive workshop for a convening of the Northwest Hennepin Human Services Council. In the session, participants discussed various methods of nonprofit community engagement and collaboration, explored how organizations think of people they work with and practice community engagement, and assessed their organization’s strategies for building relationships within their “nonprofit neighborhood.” The training ended with hands on practice with utilizing one-on-ones as a tool for building community engagement and collaboration.

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