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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
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Early Admissions Programs (MPP, MURP, MS-STEP)

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs provides a unique opportunity for students currently pursuing their undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota to complete a rigorous combined undergraduate/Master’s degree program in five years by enabling matriculation into a graduate program during their senior year. In order to complete the program, students will count up to 15 credits of graduate work towards their undergraduate degree.

Humphrey School Early Admissions Programs include:
Master of Public Policy (MPP)
Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)
Master of Science in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (MS-STEP)
Visit the above pages to learn more about the degree and the program curriculum.

Program Eligibility

Eligibility for the Early Admissions Program is selective. In addition to being a currently enrolled undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, most competitive applicants will possess the following at the time of application:

  • At least 75 undergraduate credits (completed or in progress at the time of application)
  • A 3.5 or higher undergraduate GPA
  • While no specific experience or academic pathway is required, students with a strong liberal education background and sound quantitative and analytical skills will be best prepared for academic success at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Previous coursework in mathematics, statistics, and economics is recommended. Past applicants needing to strengthen this part of their skill set have found courses in introductory microeconomics, college algebra, and introductory statistics to be helpful preparation.
  • Additionally, applicants applying to the MS-STEP Early Admissions program should be working towards completing a degree or taken advanced level coursework in the natural or engineering sciences prior to their full enrollment into the Humphrey School.

How to Apply

The following is the Early Admissions Program application process timeline and key steps needed for application completion.

  • September 15: Applications begin to be accepted
  • April 1: Applications must be submitted for consideration.

    Note: Applicants may submit their applications any time after September 15, and are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by mid-January.
  • April 15: National graduate school enrollment decision deadline

For information on how to apply and the required application materials, click here.

Please note:
When completing the online application, applicants must respond to Application Question 7 by confirming they are applying as an undergraduate student interested in being considered for the Early Admissions Program for the chosen master's degree program (MPP, MURP, or MS-STEP).

Program Costs


Senior Year/4th Year:

Students will be charged for courses enrolled based on the undergraduate rate through their undergraduate college of enrollment. This includes courses enrolled in at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

2014-2015 Undergraduate Tuition (per semester)

Registration Minnesota Resident Nonresident
Per credit $463.85 $704.24
13+ credits $6,030.00 $9,155.00

Fees and cost of attendance varies. Please refer to the Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Fact Sheet.

Graduate (Final) Year:

Students will be charged for courses enrolled based on the Humphrey School of Public Affairs tuition rate.
2014-2015 Humphrey School Tuition for Master of Public Policy (per semester)

Registration Minnesota Resident Nonresident
Per credit $1,466.91 $2,188.04
6-15 credits $8,801.50 $12,708.25
Each credit over 15 $1,466.91 $2,118.04

Fees and cost of attendance varies. A comprehensive estimated cost of attendance table can be found here. Please refer to the Graduate Tuition & Fees Fact Sheet.

Financial Aid

By enrolling in the Early Admissions Program, students will benefit from completing their graduate degree in a shorter amount of time, resulting in a savings of approximately over $22,000 in academic expenses (based on 2014-15 tuition). Due to the unique and significant financial benefit of the program, students admitted to an Early Admission program are not eligible for merit-based aid through the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Students wishing to be considered for merit-based aid opportunities should apply through the regular admissions program by the appropriate admissions deadlines. Please contact Humphrey School admission staff with any questions at

Students are encouraged, if eligible, to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for various need-based aid opportunities. The Humphrey School of Public Affairs has developed a Cost & Aid resource for students to learn more about the possible types of federal loans and the available federal loan repayment and forgiveness programs.

Typically, students pursuing degree programs at the Humphrey School will benefit from programs like the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which forgives a student's federal loans after 120 qualifying payments (10 years) while working in a public service position (i.e. federal, state, local, or tribal government agency, entity, or organization or a Section 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.) The Humphrey School admissions staff is happy to discuss these options further with any prospective student and may email the Office of Admissions to arrange an appointment.

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