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Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

" [Y]our time at the Humphrey School is not only digesting classroom knowledge, but also producing it with your colleagues."

Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

Owner and Principal,
Metris Arts Consulting

Degree: MURP, 2009
Location: Easton, PA

What is your job?
I'm principal of Metris Arts Consulting. Metris provides research, evaluation, and planning support to help arts and cultural activities strengthen communities—and vice versa. Metris works with a range of clients from across the country, including philanthropic foundations, government agencies, and arts groups and organizations. We connect them with critical resources, including impact studies, evaluations, and “think” pieces and presentations. Metris helps change-agents make the case for and improve cultural vitality.

How did you time at the Humphrey School shape your career trajectory?
I had a unique opportunity to work with Professor Ann Markusen, doing research for her Artistic Economy Initiative. I also designed my own concentration for the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program in arts, culture, and community development. These experiences allowed me to launch my own firm, Metris Arts Consulting, right after I earned my master's degree. I used my internship and professional paper requirement to design an impact evaluation of artist spaces for a leading nonprofit developer, which constituted my first major contract right out of the program. I also made connections with leaders in Minneapolis' Community Planning and Economic Development department, and explored employment opportunities there, as well.

What was a highlight of your experience at the Humphrey School?
What I valued most about my time was the ability to work in small groups with my fellow students and actually contribute ideas and research of great community need. The mix of students spans individuals right out of college to professionals with decades of experience. So, your time at the Humphrey School is not only digesting classroom knowledge, but also producing it with your colleagues.

Why did you choose the Humphrey School?
I chose to attend the Humphrey School because I was offered a fantastic opportunity to work with Professor Ann Markusen, whose research interests in arts, culture, and urban planning matched very closely with mine. That type of opportunity is indicative of the career transforming doors that the Humphrey School can offer its students.


June 2014