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Hye Kim

"The Humphrey is a one-of-a-kind gem for people who are looking for ways to make an impact.”

Hye Kim

Associate Director of Policy Development,
Alzheimer's Association

Degree: MPP 2007
Location: Chicago, IL

Why did you choose the Humphrey?
I chose the Humphrey because it was a good fit for me personally and professionally. The coursework and public policy program fit my career interests and the schedule was flexible enough that I did not have to give up my job to pursue a master's degree.

Why is the Humphrey unique?
The Humphrey is a one-of-a-kind gem for people who are looking for ways to make an impact. It is one of the few places in the region that bring together so many global perspectives under one roof. Students get to take a hard look at real issues and think about how they want to create meaningful change.

What has been your career path since leaving the Humphrey?
First, I worked for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in Geneva, Switzerland, helping to create a global vitamin and mineral premix purchasing fund by leveraging company expertise in supply chain, large-scale procurement, food safety, and quality assurance. I then worked for Cargill where my responsibility was to develop alliances between the company and other organizations. My next position was with Flour Fortification initiative where I led a network of public, private, and civic organizations advocating for the inclusion of vitamins and minerals in wheat and maize flour globally.

What is your job now?
I am the Associate Director of Policy Development at the Alzheimer's Association in Chicago. I support policy development efforts on federal, state, and public health issues related to Alzheimer’s disease, manage policy development projects, and undertake data and policy research and analysis. Much of my current focus is on the implementation of the National Alzheimer's Project Act, which makes Alzheimer's disease a national priority and requires creation of a national plan to address the disease.

What is the Humphrey network like?
The Humphrey network has helped me do everything from finding a job to finding a place to live. I have moved quite a bit in the last few years and have reached out to the network to create new contacts and find old ones. It makes the world a smaller, friendlier place.


June 4, 2014