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Worldly Wise: Our International Expertise

Members of the Humphrey School community—faculty members, fellows, alumni, and students—have experience all over the world.


Our faculty members' research interests and expertise span the globe—literally. Our faculty members also have on-the-ground experience with international, nongovernmental, and private sector organizations and governments around the world.

The International Fellowship Programs bring international mid-career professionals and scholars committed to public service to the Humphrey School for professional enrichment, leadership development, and cultural exchange.

Find out where in the world our graduates live and work.

Our students come from everywhere and go everywhere. Find out more about who they are and what they are doing.

Many of our faculty members and instructors who conduct research abroad or on international issues are listed below. Click on a name for a more complete biography.

Steve Andreasen
Expertise: international security policy; national security; foreign and defense policy; arms control; nuclear weapons; nuclear proliferation; missile defense; intelligence; crisis management
Applied/Consulting Experience: Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control on the National Security Council at the White House; State Department’s Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs and the Bureau of Intelligence and Research

Ragui Assaad
Expertise: international economic development; labor market analysis; politics and economics of the Middle East and North Africa; poverty in developing countries; quantitative methods; urban planning; women’s work in developing countries
Applied/Consulting Experience: Population Council Regional Director for West Asia and North Africa, Consultant to the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, the Ford Foundation, and UNICEF; Research fellow of the Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran, and Turkey.

J. Brian Atwood
Expertise: foreign assistance; diplomacy; government reform; international development; politics-policy leadership; post-conflict reconstruction; the United Nations; UN peacekeeping operations
Applied/Consulting Experience: Administrator of USAID; Under Secretary of State for Management at State Department; President of the National Democratic Institute; Dean of Professional Studies and Academic Affairs at the Foreign Service Institute; served on UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's Panel on Peace Operations; Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations; legislative adviser for foreign and defense policy; Foreign Service Officer in Cote d'Ivoire and Spain

Harry C. Boyte
Expertise: citizen politics; civic engagement; international democracy promotion; national service initiatives; youth civic engagement, South Africa
Applied/Consulting Experience: Institute for Democracy in South Africa; Public Achievement programs in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank

Katherine Fennelly
Expertise: cross-cultural relations; human rights; immigration and public policy; leadership in the public sector; health policy; Latin America
Applied/Consulting Experience: First female overseas field representative employed by CARE, Inc.; formulation and evaluation of family planning and nutrition programs in Ecuador; consulting for local government leaders in Argentina and Puerto Rico; USAID Performance Review Board

Greta Friedemann-Sánchez
Expertise: international development; Latin America
Applied/Consulting Experience: Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research, Minneapolis VA Medical Center; HACER (Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment through Research) board member

Edward Goetz
Expertise: Housing policy and planning; community development; race and poverty in urban areas; neighborhood revitalization; politics of urban and regional planning, growth management strategies; urban planning; urban sprawl
Applied/Consulting Experience: Office of Housing and Economic Development in San Francisco, work on planning in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sherry Gray
Expertise: international relations education and programs, East Asian foreign and security policy, East Asian domestic politics
Applied/Consulting Experience: Ford Foundation; Center for Educational Exchange with Vietnam; Stanley Foundation; Program for International Studies in Asia

Maria Hanratty
Expertise: comparative social welfare institutions and policy
Applied/Consulting Experience: Senior economist with the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C.; ABT Associates

Stephen Hoenack
Expertise: economic development and education in developing countries; comparative education policy
Applied/Consulting Experience: World Bank policy analyst

Robbin Johnson
Expertise: international food and agriculture policy; food security
Applied/Consulting Experience: Cargill; International Policy Council on Food, Agriculture, and Trade; Council on Foreign Relations

Morris M. Kleiner
Expertise: comparative labor policy; role of labor unions in democratic societies
Applied/Consulting Experience: National Bureau of Economic Research; Brookings Institution; Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; Federal Trade Commission

Robert Kudrle
Expertise: international economics; competition policy; international economic policy cooperation; policy problems of globalization; tax policy
Applied/Consulting Experience: U.S. Agency for International Development; Washington Centre on Transnational Corporations; The United Nations; New York Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Ottawa, Canada; Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC); Pan American Health Organization (World Health Organization); United Nations Economic Development Programme

Deborah Levison
Expertise: international development; child labor and schooling in developing countries; gender issues; labor economics; population studies
Applied/Consulting Experience: Senior Economist, IFP/SES, International Labour Organization; World Bank, UNICEF; Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Samuel L. Myers, Jr.
Expertise: comparative racial inequality and public policy
Applied/Consulting Experience: National Academy of Sciences, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, U.S. General Accounting Office, and U.S. Congressional Committee on the Judiciary; Federal Trade Commission; The Urban Institute

James Ron
Expertise: International democratization and conflict, rights-based organizations, international access to medicine
Applied/Consulting Experience: Associated Press, Human Rights Watch, International Committe of the Red Crosss, International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child Program, Amnesty International.

Dean Eric Schwartz
International humanitarian affairs and human rights; conflict prevention and response; U.S. foreign policy; international migration; international organizations and peacekeeping
Applied/Consulting Experience: United States Department of State, United Nations, Connect U.S. Fund, National Security Council, Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. House of Representatives, Human Rights Watch

Elizabeth Wilson
Expertise: comparative environmental policy
Applied/Consulting Experience: executive assistant, Co-operation Section, Belgian Embassy of Tanzania; Environmental Educator, U.S. Peace Corps, Gitega, Burundi; Environmental Protection Agency; U.S.-China Delegation to Study CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration), led by World Resources Institute; International Council on Risk Governance; International Atomic Energy Agency; Sierra Club