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International Internships

Doing an internship abroad can be a challenging and exciting experience. It is especially beneficial if you hope one day to work abroad. Increase your success in securing an internship overseas with these helpful suggestions.

Create an internship search strategy

Career Services Office staff will help you develop a strategy to identify and contact alumni and other resources in your desired location or area of interest. Make an appointment with Lynne Schuman or Martha Krohn to work out a strategy that is best for you. You can schedule an appointment online.

In general, a combination of networking and targeted research, combined with a professional resume and clear cover letter, is the most effective strategy for securing an internship. Career Services is here to help you along the way.

See where previous internships have been done

Look here to see a list of the organizations and locations where Humphrey students have recently done their internships. You also can browse through reports from Humphrey students who have interned internationally and use their experience to help you focus your search. The reports are published in a binder which can reviewed in Room 280. of the Humphrey School

Check out the Career + Employer Services website

The Career Services Office website lists a variety of international resources that can offer valuable ideas as well. We also maintain online internship postings. These are accessible only to Humphrey students and alumni. Please contact Career Services (612-624-3800) for log on information.

The APSIA (Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs), of which the Humphrey School is a member, conducts annual visits of employers in various areas of international work. These visits are documented in reports that you can view on our website. Contact Career Services for the necessary password to access these reports.

Visit the Global Notes blog

Internship opportunities with an international focus (either abroad or in the United States) are posted on the Global Notes blog.

Get information + advice from faculty members, alumni, fellows, and others

Faculty members and other instructors with international interests are a wonderful resource and may be able to suggest organizations you should investigate. Sherry Gray in the Global Policy Area is another resource. Contact her for an appointment by

Many Humphrey School alumni live and work overseas and can help you identify opportunities. Lynne Schuman and Martha Krohn in the Career Services Office can help you to connect with alumni all over the world.

The broader University of Minnesota alumni association also has many international members. You can inquire about University alumni through the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA).

The international fellows who study at the Humphrey School each year come from many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union. They can be a great source of ideas and knowledge.

The graduate adviser at the University’s Learning Abroad Center (230 Heller Hall) is available to help Humphrey students explore international internship experiences. You can make an appointment with the adviser at (612) 626-9373 or

When to start looking

The farther away your target location, the earlier you should start looking. If you're looking for an international internship for the summer months, start researching organizations in the early fall and be prepared to apply by December or January at the latest. Some deadlines (including the State Department’s) are as early as November 1, so be alert to postings and know the deadlines for the organizations in which you are interested. Watch for postings at our internship blog. (Contact the Graduate Student Services at 612-624-3800 for the login and password.)

If you plan to apply for grants to fund your internship, be aware that you need to arrange the internship and have a signed internship agreement before the grant application deadline (usually in early February through March).

Funding your experience abroad

It is rare that an international internship is paid. Often, the internship organization can provide support of some living and/or travel expenses while in country. The Humphrey School, as well as the University of Minnesota, have some limited funding available for graduate students doing international internships. You can find more funding information at:

Humphrey Career Resource Center
Learning Abroad Center
Institute for Global Studies
Global Programs and Strategy Alliance

Notes from the Field

Read first-hand accounts from students on international internships, field experiences, and overseas courses.

Humphrey students discuss their international internship experiences.