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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
Minnesota's school of policy and planning.

News + Events

The Humphrey School is the center of the public policy discussion in the community. Our students, faculty members, and alumni are newsmakers, and this is the place where you can connect with them. First annual 'Alumni day of Service' in September

First annual "Alumni Day of Service" in September


Hubert Humphrey grew up hearing the public policy debate from a lunch counter at his family's pharmacy. We recreate that conversation at the School by hosting more than 50 public events per semester, where policymakers come together with the public to work toward solutions. Read more here.

New Media Hub

Much of the modern-day public policy conversation happens online. The Humphrey School houses an active blogosphere and social media spaces that facilitate this conversation by bringing together individuals and organizations who are working toward solutions to many policy problems. Connect with us here.


The Humphrey School produces many publications to connect and inform our community of students, faculty members, alumni, and the public. Find more and sign up here.

For the Media

Our faculty's collective experience and decades of research are a great asset to the media. If you would like to speak with a policy expert, start by reading about them here.

Upcoming Events

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Humphrey School News

Our newsmakers have resulted in thousands of news clips over the years. Read the most recent of them here.

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University of Minnesota
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Kent Love-Ramirez, director of communications, 612-624-3566

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Molly Buss, events coordinator, 612-625-5309

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