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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
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Tenured + Tenure-track Faculty

Ryan Allen, Assistant Professor
Immigrant and refugee policy; social networks; urban planning in diverse communities

Ragui Assaad, Professor
International economic development; labor market analysis; politics and economics of the Middle East and North Africa; urban planning; poverty in developing countries; quantitative methods; women’s work in developing countries

J. Brian Atwood, Professor (chair, Global Policy Area)
Former Administrator of USAID. International development; foreign assistance; the United Nations; UN peacekeeping operations; politics-policy leadership; post-conflict reconstruction; government reform

Richard Bolan, Professor Emeritus
Planned social change; planning theory; social and environmental planning; planning in Central and Eastern Europe.

Robert H. Bruininks, Professor Emeritus
Higher education policy and leadership; transformational leadership of complex organizations; strategies to develop human capital and innovation; P-20 educational policy and collaboration; educational psychology

John M. Bryson, Professor (McKnight Presidential Professor of Planning and Public Affairs)
Public leadership; policy entrepreneurship; strategic management of public and nonprofit organizations; project management; collaboration; government and nonprofit organization innovation and reform; design and management of public participation processes

Jason Cao, Associate Professor
Land use and transportation interactions; transportation planning and policy; travel behavior analysis and demand modeling; neighborhood design and public health; mobility of transportation-disadvantaged people

Audrey M. Dorélien, Assistant Professor
Demographic methods; urbanization; population, health, and environment (PHE) interactions; child health; infectious disease modeling

Yingling Fan, Associate Professor
Land use/growth management, transportation planning and policy, time geography, urban health

Katherine Fennelly, Professor Emerita
Immigration and public policy; diversity and cross-cultural relations; health and public policy; leadership in the public sector

Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, Associate Professor
International development; occupational stress by gender; health services research

Edward G. Goetz, Professor
Housing policy, markets; community economic development; politics of urban and regional planning, growth management strategies; urban planning; urban poverty; urban sprawl

Maria Hanratty, Associate Professor
Health care; medical economics, economics of poverty; comparative social welfare institutions

Lawrence R. Jacobs, Professor (Walter F. and Joan Mondale Chair for Political Studies and chair, Politics and Governance area)
Presidential and legislative politics; elections and voting behavior; public opinion and polling; Social Security and health care policy; American political history; Midwestern swing states; third party politics

Janna E. Johnson, Assistant Professor
Economic demography; impact evaluation; population measurement; rural poverty; SNAP (food stamp) participation

Morris M. Kleiner, Professor (AFL–CIO Chair of Labor Policy)
Public policies on work and pay; role of labor unions in democratic societies; human resource policies and organizational performance

Robert T. Kudrle, Professor (Orville and Jane Freeman Chair in International Trade and Investment Policy)
Competition policy; tax policy; policy problems of globalization; international economic policy cooperation

Deborah Levison, Professor
Child labor and education in poor countries; gender issues; population studies; labor economics; child care

Greg Lindsey, Professor
Environmental planning, policy, and land-use management at the state and local levels; activity patterns on urban greenways and the effects of greenways in urban communities; water infrastructure finance; annexation policy; and erosion and sediment control programs

Ann Markusen, Professor Emerita
Arts, culture and economic development; regional economics and planning; industrial organization; economic development, local, state, regional; industrial and occupational planning; economic impact of high technology, military spending

Samuel L. Myers, Professor (Roy Wilkins Professor of Human Relations and Social Justice)
Microeconomic policy analysis; racial inequality and public policy; analysis of discrimination; racial disparities in test scores; anti-racism programs; government procurement and contracting; credit and housing markets; child protective services; violence analysis; science and engineering workforce; academic labor markets; race-neutral remedies

Carrie Oelberger, Assistant Professor
Nonprofit management and governance; Organizational design and behavior; Interactions between work life and personal life over the life course; Human resources, labor markets, and career pathways; Institutional norms; Meaningful work; Philanthropy; International aid

Sarah Elizabeth Parkinson, Assistant Professor
Civil war and occupation; political violence; militant organizations; Middle East and North African politics; social network theory; qualitative methods; refugees

Kathryn S. Quick, Assistant Professor
Inclusive public management and leadership practices, collaborative governance, urban planning, local government, theories of practice, ethnographic methods

Anu Ramaswami, Professor (Charles M. Denny, Jr., Chair of Science, Technology, and Public Policy)
Environmental modeling, environmental technologies, industrial ecology, sustainable infrastructure design, urban systems analysis, and integration of science and technology with policy and planning for real-world implementation in communities

James Ron, Associate Professor (Harold E. Stassen Chair of International Affairs, Global Policy Area)

Jodi Sandfort, Associate Professor
Nonprofit management; welfare, workforce, and early childhood policy; social policy implementation

Carissa Slotterback, Associate Professor (chair, Urban and Regional Planning area)
Environmental and land-use planning; public participation; planning decision-making; plan implementation; sustainable development

Eric P. Schwartz, Professor and Dean
International humanitarian affairs and human rights; conflict prevention and response; U.S. foreign policy; international migration; international organizations and peacekeeping

Joe Soss, Professor (Cowles Chair for the Study of Public Service and chair, Social Policy and Policy Analysis area)
Welfare reform; organization and governance of social policy; public service; politics of inequality and poverty; role of race, class, and gender in public affairs

Melissa Middleton Stone, Professor
Nonprofit management and governance; government-nonprofit relationships; cross-sectoral partnerships

Deb Swackhamer, Professor
Air pollution policy; chemical risk management including calculating chemical exposure to human, fish and wildlife; great lakes environmental planning and management policy, including the study of estrogens in water and other toxic contaminants; water policy; risk assessment for human health and ecological systems

Judy Temple, Associate Professor
Public economics; economics of education; early childhood education; cost-benefit analysis; policy evaluation

Elizabeth Wilson, Associate Professor (McKnight Land-Grant Professor)
Energy and environmental policy; regulatory and legal analysis of emerging technologies; climate change; geologic carbon sequestration; public perception of emerging technologies

Zhirong (Jerry) Zhao, Associate Professor (interim chair, Public and Nonprofit Leadership area)
State and local public finance; nonprofit management; public management; performance; budgeting; GIS applications in public affairs

Senior Fellows, Fellows + Other Graduate Faculty Members

Laura Bloomberg, Associate Dean
Integrative leadership, program evaluation, youth and social justice policy development, educational administration.

Barbara C. Crosby, Associate Professor
Leadership and public policy; women in leadership; media and public policy; strategic planning; leadership in transnational contexts; leadership and cross-sector collaboration.

Kevin Gerdes, Lecturer and Director
Executive Leadership, cross-sector and inter-organizational leadership, problem-solving and problem/policy analysis and change, rural and small-town studies, government service delivery redesign.

Sherry Gray, Lecturer
International relations education and programs, East Asian foreign and security policy, East Asian domestic politics.

Steve Kelley, Senior Fellow
Former Minnesota State Senator. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education policy; telecommunications and information technology policy.

Jay Kiedrowski, Senior Fellow
Former Minnesota Commissioner of Finance. Financial management; federal, state, and local budgeting and deficits; organizational development; leadership; public and nonprofit management; innovative reforms for public and nonprofit organization; state and local government.

Vanessa Laird, Graduate Faculty and Executive Director, Center for Integrative Leadership
Cross-sectoral leadership; collective impact; health law and policy; health privacy law and policy; public and private international law

Lee W. Munnich, Jr., Senior Fellow
Transportation policy; economic development; state and local finance; industry clusters; science and technology policy; planning; public finance; value pricing.

Art Rolnick, Senior Fellow

Paul Stone, Lecturer
American political and institutional history; behavior in American public life; Minnesota political history.

David Wilsey, Lecturer
Sustainable livelihood systems; integrated conservation and development; food systems research and non-timber forest products.

Affiliate Graduate Faculty Members

Steve Andreasen, Lecturer

Sheila Ards

Harry C. Boyte, Senior Fellow

Doug Chapin, Project for Excellence in Election Administration

Greg Donofrio

Barbara Frey

Lewis Gilbert

Brent Hales

Momoko Hayakawa

David Hollister

Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Thanh Le

David Levinson

Julian Marshall

Lauren Martin

Keith Mayes

Laura Musacchio

Philip Pardey

Tim Penny

David Pitt

Mark Reiner

Arthur Reynolds

Joe Ritter, Associate Professor

C. Ford Runge