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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
Minnesota's school of policy and planning.

Research Centers

A partnership between the Humphrey School and the Carlson School of
Management, the Center for Integrative Leadership is a University-wide initiative to examine complex leadership issues. After more than a year of community conversations, the center was publicly launched on May 3, 2007, with a program on“The 21st Century: An Age of Integrative Leadership?”

The Center for Science, Technology, and Public Policy fosters understanding of the role of science and technology in society, particularly relationships to economic growth, health, the environment, education, and national security. The center examines the effects of science and technology on society and on the political and economic relationships among nations. The center's mission is to improve people’s
lives by advancing the application of science and technology to solve public problems.

The Center for the Study of Politics and Governance develops practical information and solutions to pressing political and policy challenges. The center strives to increase public understanding of politics through research relevant to policymakers and legislators throughout the Upper Midwest and by serving as a resource to the media and citizens on important policy issues.

Formed in 1985 as the nation’s first comprehensive teaching, research, and outreach center devoted to women and public policy, the Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy has a long tradition of leadership in the field in women’s human rights, global feminism, and specific public policy issues, such as comparable worth.

The Freeman Center for International Economic Policy identifies the major challenges of an increasingly interdependent global economy, mobilizes resources and talents to analyze the nature of these challenges, and designs effective policy responses to address them.

Housed within the Humphrey School, the Human Capital Research Collaborative (HCRC) is a partnership between the University of Minnesota and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis to advance multidisciplinary research on child development and social policy. The HCRC’s approach is integrative and representative of the cross-college and university-wide interest in advancing research and scholarship on the identification and dissemination of cost-effective interventions, programs, and policies from birth to the transition to adulthood.

The Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center enhances the leadership of institutions that serve the public and their ability to work together effectively to advance the common good and serve the public interest. The center examines unique and common challenges of leadership and management in and across nonprofit, philanthropic, and government organizations.

The State and Local Policy Program engages in research and public education in the broad policy areas of transportation and economic development. Recent activity includes work on value pricing, rural vitality, knowledge clusters, corridor design, rural safety, and transportation technology.

Named for the famed civil rights leader and longtime head of the NAACP, the Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice studies and formulates solutions to problems of racial and ethnic inequality.