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The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is the University of
Minnesota's school of policy and planning.

Policy Matters

At the Humphrey School, we are driven to study the public policy issues that
will change the future.
Read below to find which types of policy inspire you to work toward the common good.

Global Policy

Teaching, research, and public participation in the global policy area focuses on those aspects of policy that are most global, such as national security, human rights, economic development, and many aspects of international policy cooperation. (more)

Leadership + Management

Working to enhance the leadership of all public-serving institutions—nonprofit organizations, philanthropic efforts, and the public sector—to improve the ability of these institutions to work together to solve problems, serve the public interest, and advance the common good. (more)

Politics + Governance

Helping students understand the political context in which policy decisions are made so that they can influence the public arena through agenda-setting, advocacy, persuasion, and participation in grassroots reform. (more)

Urban + Regional Planning

Our students build a strong foundation in public action, political context, and the social and economic implications of urban planning. They understand the role of ‘place’ in creating policy and recognize the diverse systems that interact to create urban and regional environments.  (more)

Science, Technology + Environmental Policy

Relationships among science, technology, the environment, and society are intricate and delicate. Oversight for emerging technologies, such as nanotechnology, and deployment of more sustainable technologies, such as renewable energy, are two key areas we address. (more)

Social Policy + Policy Analysis

Social policy at the School puts issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, employment, age, and immigrant status at the center of inquiry; looks at social policy globally, not just in the United States; and looks beyond governmental actors to understand how nonprofit organizations and social movements create and implement policy. (more)

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